Design Lab Contest 59

Contest / Week 1

Design Lab Contest 59

Name of Design: Stretch!

Inspiration: The unexpected and extreme changes in human relationships inspired me to create a design that represents the mental struggles of social distancing. The result is an organic shaped piece that focuses on still life movement and texture specifically one of stretching dough when being divided in half.

The Stretch! cocktail table comes standard with a 1/2’’ thick organically shaped glass top and metal finish of polished bronze. The top can also be customized with other materials such as translucent onyx and marble. The metal finish can be polished and dark bronze or with patinas in off white or green.

As shown (prototype):

1:400 (ratio)

Metal structure:

Height: 14’’
Length: 42’’
Depth: 23’’

Metal finish: polished bronze

Top structure:
Length: 47’’

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