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Product Name:  Ergosphere Cocktail Table

Dimension: 60″W x 27″D x 15″H
Material: Oak

Panel Comments

Ross: Deeply satisfying, watching the light play on the various surfaces would be mesmerizing.

Ryan: I love the form of this.  What, though, is it made of?  Bronze?  Brass?  Aluminum?  Injection molded plastic?  It looks shiny in the rendering, but it could also be very nice in something more matte and earthy – concrete?  plaster coated?  I think it’s a bit too high for a coffee table – that most people are using these days.  It has the proportion here of a great desk – so I think I’d lower it.  Does, though, that make for a more squished curve?  If you make it lower, (15″?) do you also have to make it longer – to give the two touching cones a little more room to breathe?  I think so, and I think maybe the transparency of this matters?  Is it resin?  It could also be nice in wood?  And, it would be easier to make and less expensive to manufacture.  Also, if the cones are open to one another, what’s to prevent things from falling through?  Hotwheels?  Pigs in blankets?  Dust bunnies?  If you intend for them to be open, you should make sure there is an easy enough way to pick it up and retrieve things that fall.  Also, the shape is super sexy and could also nicely be adapted from furniture to lighting – It would be a beautiful form for a wall sconce…..

Kelly: This is a lovely form, would like to know more about the proposed material (resin? glass? metal? lacquered?) to understand how it might come across in reality. My other comment would be that the proposition feels a bit off to me in terms of the height, I understand that the hourglass shape needs time to express itself but I think an overall height of more line 16” would feel more balanced in a room.

Eve: This is sleek and well developed. The only improvement could be the name. Deformation table reminds me of deformed and I would prefer to have a better association.

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