Buchaca Seating Group by José Martínez-Medina for JMM

Sofa/Sectional / Seating / Lobby Seating

Buchaca Seating Group by José Martínez-Medina for JMM

The Buchaca Seating Group features an upholstered steel structure on which the armrest and backrest shelves sit which is upholstered in natural leather using metallic trims finished in black gold plating. The bench seat is made of a single piece of new generation polyurethane foam with a top
layer of down feathers. The back cushions feature an independent articulated mechanism and are filled with 100% down feather. The outer perimeter of the seat in the backrest and armrest area has different pockets for magazines, tablets, TV remote controls, etc. which are completely removable and detachable. The set is complemented by an integrated side table which features solid wood trays with divisions with the inner bottom upholstered in Tech-Leather and small sliding covers in gloss finish with 2 integrated plugs.

The Buchaca Seating Group is available in a variety of different elements, configurations and sizes. Please inquire with a Studio Van den Akker sales associate for all options with pricing.


Gloss Lacquer Options | JMM Gloss Lacquer Options

Beige Cappuccino Gloss, Beige Stone Gloss, Black Gloss, Blue Cloud Gloss, Blue Flight Gloss, Blue Night Gloss, Blue Sky Gloss, Blue Summer Gloss, Brown Bugatti Gloss, Brown Caldera Gloss, Graphite Metallic Gloss, Green Harrods Gloss, Green Toscana Gloss, Grey Concrete Gloss, Grey Emporio Gloss, Grey Ritz Gloss, Orange Hermes Gloss, Red Calder Gloss, Tortola Metallic Gloss, White Frost Gloss, White Metallic Gloss, Yellow Cream Gloss


Base Model

Woods | Jmm New

American Walnut, British Oak, Coffee Elm, Dark Oak, Eco 3 Walnut, Fume Oak, Light Oak, Macassar Ebony, Medium Oak, Slate Elm, Tobacco Oak

Fabrics Category A | JMM

Era CSE01 Futurist, Fusion FR-05, Moss-12, Velvety-05, Xtreme Plus YS009 Habana

Fabrics Category B | Jmm

Floyd-0103, GO CHECK 60079, GO COUTURE 60079, KISS-1-1390-042, STEP MELANGE-60011

Fabrics Category C | JMM


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