Jasper Dresser by WUD

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Jasper Dresser by WUD

The Jasper dresser by WUD features a body in wood with metal trimmed drawers that are fronted in metal encased in resin. The Jasper is available in three sizes. Fully customizable. Made in USA.

Four Drawers: 52″ Length 18″ or 22″ Depth 28″ Height

Six Drawers: 76″ Length 18″ or 22″ Depth 28″ Height

Eight Drawers: 100″ Length 18″ or 22″ Depth 28″ Height

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Four Drawers
Six Drawers
Eight Drawers
Additional Customization Options AvailableAdditional Customization Options Available
Black Walnut Brown Satin PolyBlack Walnut Brown Satin Poly
Claro Walnut Satin PolyClaro Walnut Satin Poly
Ambrosia Maple Oxidized Satin PolyAmbrosia Maple Oxidized Satin Poly
Black Walnut Bleached Satin PolyBlack Walnut Bleached Satin Poly
Additional Customization Options AvailableAdditional Customization Options Available
Blackened Aluminum FinishBlackened Aluminum Finish
Bronze BlackenedBronze Blackened
Bronze BurnishedBronze Burnished
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Aluminum Light PatinaAluminum Light Patina
Bronze BrushedBronze Brushed
Bronze Light PatinaBronze Light Patina
Bronze Medium PatinaBronze Medium Patina
Bronze No PatinaBronze No Patina
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Four Drawers, Six Drawers, Eight Drawers


Base Model

Woods | WUD Woods

Additional Customization Options Available, Ambrosia Maple Oxidized Satin Poly, Black Walnut Bleached Satin Poly, Black Walnut Brown Satin Poly, Black Walnut Clear Finish Satin Poly, Black Walnut Medium Satin Poly, Black Walnut Oxydized Satin Poly, Claro Walnut Satin Poly, White Oak Black Matte Acrylic, White Oak Black Satin, White Oak Brown Satin Poly, White Oak Charred Matte, White Oak Grey Cerused Satin Poly, White Oak Oxidized Satin Poly, White Oak Whitewashed Satin Poly

Metal Options | WUD Exposed Metal Options

Additional Customization Options Available, Blackened Aluminum Finish, Bronze, Bronze Blackened, Bronze Burnished, Bronze Gotham, Bronze Light Patina, Bronze Patina, Copper and Resin Light Patina Burnished, No Metal Trims, Polished Brass, Steel, Steel Blackened, Steel Charcoal

WUD Metals Encased in Epoxy Resin (Base)

Aluminum Light Patina, Bronze Brushed, Bronze Light Patina, Bronze Medium Patina, Bronze No Patina, Copper Light Patina, Gotham Bronze Blackened, Gotham Linear Bronze Blackened Brushed, Marbled Black Marbled Brass, Marbled Black Marbled Bronze, Marbled Black Marbled Zinc, Marbled White Marbled Bronze, Marbled White Marbled Zinc, Steel Blackened, Zinc Light Patina, Zinc Medium Patina, Zinc No Patina

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