Sella Stool by Corrado Corradi Dell’ Acqua

Stool / Seating

Sella Stool by Corrado Corradi Dell’ Acqua

The Sella stool was originally designed by Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua in 1961 and is available in three heights. The Sella is also available in a variety of wool felts, velvets or COM. Made in Italy by Tato.

The base price for each size stool is in COM.

Diameter 17″

Heights: Small 21″ Medium 25″ Large 32.5″

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Dove GreyDove Grey
Light BlueLight Blue
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Lario Velvet 1101Lario Velvet 1101
Lario Velvet 1403Lario Velvet 1403
Lario Velvet 2Lario Velvet 2
Lario Velvet 20Lario Velvet 20
Lario Velvet 2003Lario Velvet 2003
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Small, Medium, Large

Wool Felt

Blue, Dove Grey, Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Mustard, Red, Rust

Lario Velvet | Tato Lario Velvet Options

Lario Velvet 1101, Lario Velvet 1403, Lario Velvet 2, Lario Velvet 20, Lario Velvet 2003, Lario Velvet 58


Base Model

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