Slate by Watson & Gabb

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Slate by Watson & Gabb

Slate is available in a standard 8′ x 4′ panel with the material measuring 2. 5mm thick, custom sizes are available upon request. Slate is for use in all paneling, flooring, tiles, table tops, furniture facades and ceilings.


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Patinated BrassPatinated Brass
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Finish Options

Satin Waxed
Polished Waxed

Sealant Options

No Sealant (Live Finish)
Nano Coating
Polyurethane Lacquer
Class "O" Fire Rated

Metal Options | W&G Slate

Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Patinated Brass, Patinated Bronze, Patinated Copper, Patinated Iron, Patinated Pewter, Pewter

Finish Options

Satin Waxed, Polished Waxed

Sealant Options

No Sealant (Live Finish), Nano Coating, Polyurethane Lacquer, Class "O" Fire Rated


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