Studded Metamorphic Installation by LGS Studio

Architectural / Ceramic

Studded Metamorphic Installation by LGS Studio

Studded Metamorphic by LGS Studio is composed of multiple three dimensional geometry inspired stoneware pieces that have been hand carved and glazed by the artists. Studded Metamorphic is available in a variety of glazes with optional framing as required. Please contact your Studio Van den Akker sales representative for all details and pricing.

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Antique GoldAntique Gold
Bleached BlackBleached Black
Burned BrownBurned Brown
Crab ShellCrab Shell
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Antique Gold, Barnacle, Bleached Black, Burned Brown, Crab Shell, Dune, Junebug, Lavender Stone, Lobster, Oasis, Oatmeal, Palladium, Sage, Spark, Stingray, Stormy, Tar, Temmoku


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