The Betula Table Lamp by LGS Studio

Table Lamp / Lighting

The Betula Table Lamp by LGS Studio

The Betula Table Lamp by LGS Studio features a hand made and hand carved stoneware body and shade which are available in a variety of glazes. The lamp also features a hand made stoneware finial and dimmer switch. Each lamp is individually made by the artists of LGS Studio and will be a unique piece. Made in USA.

Height 24″ Width 24″ Depth 19″

As shown: Temmuku glaze


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Antique GoldAntique Gold
Bleached BlackBleached Black
Burned BrownBurned Brown
Crab ShellCrab Shell
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Glaze Options | LGS

Antique Gold, Barnacle, Bleached Black, Burned Brown, Crab Shell, Dune, Junebug, Lavender Stone, Lobster, Oasis, Oatmeal, Palladium, Sage, Spark, Stingray, Stormy, Tar, Temmoku


Base Model

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